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What Happened to August?

So, what DID happen to August. Well, let me tell you! I botched it. Yep, I completely forgot I had to do a blog last month! How do I know this? One day I was minding my own business and I got a message in my DMs. It said, “Hey, you pleb! Where’s the blog?” And then I got another one which said, “Why do you hate us?” And I’m like…

Right, so at this point you know that I’m lying. I really just forgot. It was close to the end of August that I realized I didn’t do a blog. At that point I just decided to do a Vlog with the September blog. So, for those of you who were greatly affected by my insolence, I’m sorry!

I have worked some on my new book, Defense of Fayrule. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a ton of motivation to just write and write which I sometimes do. So, I think that I will just have to relegate to the fact that the book won’t be releasing until spring of next year. Never-the-less, I am excited about it. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it numerous times already, but I think it’s a really fun story! 

Let’s put the future behind us for now and revisit the past! I released Through the Years on July 4th. I’m sure most of you know that by now. I want to say how grateful I am to everyone who supported the release. Whether you bought a copy or simply shared the link to your social media, your efforts are appreciated. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating, I feel very lucky to all the support you show me, no matter what form of support it comes in. AND, dare I say, I thought the release was a success. 

I told you that story to tell you this one! ~ I always thought that was a humorous expression! I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve again been talking to someone about doing audio books. So many of you poke and prod me for audio books. I reached out to a couple voice actors (VAs) and am getting some samples back. I mention this so those of you faithful who support my Patreon can know that part of your support is going to this project. If things come together like I want them to, an audio book COULD release this year. Which, in a roundabout way, would meet my original goal to have three releases for 2020. Is that cheating? You can decide! I mention it because I’m thinking about that audio book being Through the Years. If it goes well, I’ll do one for Second Reign of a Goddess and maybe Eternal Reign!

I think I’ve pretty much covered what I need to for this month. And hopefully my insane self won’t forget to blog next month. So, until then, have a great end of summer! Gosh it’s hot…

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“Through the Years” has Released!

Yes, after a painstakingly long process, at least for the Kindle version, Through the Years has finally fully released! This is an anthology covering my early years all the way up until now. It features nine short stories, a few of which that were written six years ago, to the most recent stories written just a couple weeks ago. The tales found in the book range in genre, starting with horror and holidays, and ending with sci-fi and sports. Which isn’t to say there’s not a certain degree of romance involved, as many of the stories feature different relationships that are heartfelt and sincere.

One of the purposes of the book was to make all of my old tales available in one place. And another feature was the fact that I kept most of the stories close to their originals. I did clean up a few of the grammatical issues and did normal editing procedures, but didn’t do much to change the content. I really wanted the readers to see how I’ve evolved as a writer from my start six years ago.

I also wanted to make this book somewhat about my community, those who support my career whether it’s gaming or writing or both. Along with getting some help with beta reading, I ran a pet contest. While only a few of the pets were featured in the stories, (You’ll have to read it to find out which ones) ALL of them got a mention as well as a shout out in the Acknowledgments section.

I also need to give a shout out to those of you who have already purchased the book. It makes me excited to write when I know people are interested in what I’m publishing and it’s that motivation that keeps me doing what I’m doing.

All in all, I’m very excited for how this book turned out. And while I know I won’t be topping any charts any time soon, I also know I have a lot of people I can count on when I need it. So again…


Through the Years



The Blog, The Release, The Apprehension

Another month down! And wow has it been a crazy, not only month, but year. I hope everyone is being safe out there. I assume you are!

So, after taking most of the days off after releasing the Final Chapter a couple months ago, I’m now working hard. The second June hit I sat down and started getting everything together. I’m corresponding with a voice actor to possibly; let me reiterate, POSSIBLY, do an audio book. Finger crossed. Also may be possibly getting a real model to do the cover, something I’ve also never done before. If for some reason none of these things come together, I will just lay out the book as I normally would. Still shooting for early July and at this point, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be able to hit my goal. A July 4th release date would sound fun to me, what do you all think? But, I’m not ready to put a definite date on it yet just because I’m using outside sources for some of what I hope to accomplish.

With that said, I want to talk about a story I’m really proud of that I just finished, mostly, for this anthology for next month. About 4 years ago I was watching the Summer Olympics, my own personal holiday, and I got the notion to write a story about a soccer team. I started writing it but never finished it. Then two years ago, around World Cup time, I started writing it again, this time with the possible intention to turn it into a novel. Needless to say, I stopped writing it.

However, I was very passionate about this story, and that passion always comes back right around soccer world tournaments. Granted the Summer games were delayed this year, but I finally had a reason to finish it. So, after some updates, some content edits, and with a few hours of Burn Notice, I was able to knock this story out. I really love how it turned out and to this day, I would say it’s probably my favorite short story of all of them that I’ve written. It still needs edits and I’ve got, what I deem to be, about another 350 words left to write, but I’m so excited to see this story in print.

As for the rest of the anthology, I’m somewhat apprehensive on it. The original point was to collect my old work and mix it in with new work so everyone can get an idea of how my writing has progressed over the last… Is it seven years now? I have no idea anymore lol. Needless to say, I’m sure some of those earlier stories have the potential to be incredibly messy. I’m slightly concerned that people may read the earlier stuff and be turned off by it. It’s an odd feeling to me because I am pretty confident in what I do, and as such, I’m confident that I’ve come along way over time. Which in turn makes me less confident about the original stories.

In my search for all of my old content, I found THE original story, one that wasn’t published. As my first submission I wrote a YA shortie, a story I actually scrapped with the publisher to submit The Magic Show, which you all now know as part of the Second Reign of a Goddess series. And some of you actually find that series to be the superior one. Which actually makes me proud considering I consider my baby to be The Sorcerer’s Order (TSO).

Speaking of The Sorcerer’s Order… In the words of Colin Mochrie, and in a sarcastic voice “Nice segue…” I announced a couple months ago that all my Patreons, no matter what tier, will be able to create a character for the upcoming TSO novel. I’ll go through it more in July when I do my post-release Vlog. But for now I’ll just tell you that I’m looking for different ideas for Rebel Elves.

Other than that, I have very little to say. I’m still doing my gaming streams and you can catch me on Twitch at JayceeAuth. Otherwise, the next you’ll hear from me will either be at release or just before release with next month’s blog. May all of your years take an upturn from here on out!


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What I’ve Been Doing!

So, what have I been doing? Well, I have to say not much. Ever since I released the Lost and Final chapters on Kindle, I have not been doing much of anything. And I say that not in jest. I’ve taken a break from writing of all kind really, dabbles here and there, but it’s mostly been relax time. So, you may ask what I’ve been doing to fill up all that time. Are you sure you really want to know?

Well, it’s not a huge secret. Just building up some drama… lol I’ve been just relaxing with games and streaming. I found a new game called XCom 2 that I’ve been pouring a ton of time into. When I say a ton, I mean MANY HOURS of the day! It’s the pic from above. It’s a Covert Ops tactics game where I can create my friends and, theoretically, bring them on missions with me.

And my enjoyment out of this should come as a surprise to no one if any of you have read my books, specifically Purging of the Northern Lands and Tales of the Order Volume 1. I have many characters in both books that are named after and even have some characteristics of my friends. Again, it’s fun to pretend I’m bringing those people along with me on the adventure. So, shout out to all of you for being awesome mates/companions/friends!

I know your second question. Your second question is what am I doing about the writing. You want the books, I understand! So, here’s the plan! I plan to have a release either June or July. It’s going to be an anthology of all the old short stories I’ve written in the past and possibly… POSSIBLY, some new ones. Haven’t decided on the parameters quite yet as to what I’m doing.

The other thing you’ve all been clamoring about for a long time is audio books. I’ve been hesitant to do this, but I’ve started looking into it. What I’m thinking for now is that for this anthology, I will do the oration and if all goes well, I’ll look into hiring someone to do a couple of my other books. Again, this is on a trial basis, not guaranteeing anything yet!

And of course we have Defense of Fayrule, the third book in the Sorcerer’s Order series, scheduled to release in Novemberish. That’s the plan for now. Sometimes these releases don’t always go as planned, but tentatively scheduled anyway!

Other than that not much going on. As there rarely is in my day to day. Game, write, eat, sleep; rinse and repeat! Most importantly, staying inside. Hopefully you are all being as safe as you can be amid the virus pandemic. Stay safe out there!


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The Goddess Finale!

Yes, that’s right. It is the end of the goddess series. Sad times for some, I know, but we should celebrate the fact that this masterpiece was even written! What? No? You want more? My answer is… Maybe…

But seriously, this is what is meant to be the last installment of the series. I am so proud of it, even though it was all a complete pain in the arse at times. I remember times I thought about what I needed to write next and sighing at it. But you all demanded more! The series was only meant to be one book, The Second Reign of a Goddess. But after writing it, I realized I couldn’t leave it there. And so more and more thoughts and ideas went from my head to the digitized paper in front of me until more than just a goddess and a magician were born.

Once, someone told me that Chuang-Mu was a fake goddess, and I sort of felt offended for her about it. Now, it’s completely up to the reader as to what they believe and what they don’t, but according to Chinese folk-lore, Chuang-Mu was a real goddess of the bedroom. When you research her online, you won’t find much.

The most predominant story you will find is that she’s also the Goddess of Leap Year. She comes out of the depths of the abyss on Feb 29 and lures an unsuspecting groom to his death. Is this an accurate description? Who’s to say? In the end, if Chuang-Mu is real somewhere, maybe this is a (fictional) story of her she can appreciate. I did my best to tell at least a somewhat believable depiction of her with very little information to go off.

This picture was the inspiration. In the end, it was a great series and so happy to have completed it!

In other news, for those of you who are patrons, check the Patreon page for character creation guidelines for my next book! Every tier can participate. I’ll be posting that next week. This will be for my end-of-year release which will be the Sorcerer’s Order series. Start thinking about what you would like a rebel Elf to look like!

Also, still could be a mid-summer release. Thinkin’ it’s going to be an anthology of all my past short stories, and possibly a new one? None of it is set in stone yet. Again, I’ll give updates to this story as it develops. I know… it’s not film…

For now, I’ll leave it there. The meat of the entire body was supposed to be the Goddess! If I went on about more things, I’d have nothing to write for next months and it’d just be me blah blahing! Still, some of you might want to read it!

Have a fantastic beginning of spring! For those of you who may be a little more into the god and goddess side of things, I hope you had an awesome Spring Equinox!

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Back from Pax!

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a great month. The blog is a bit delayed this month through every fault of my own! Should I list all the excuses? Nah, I’ll skip!

So, last month I mentioned I was going to Pax South, which is good because you all will finally get a blog with real substance! We all know most of my blogs consist of me talking about what I’m doing in regards to my authoring, or what is coming up. That’s because I don’t usually go places or do things! Which I’m actually not complaining about because I’m quite content with lying on my couch and gaming or watching Hulu and writing. Yes, those are literally the things I do on the daily. IT’S NOT BORING! 🙂

Onto Pax South. It was a good time! I got to meet a lot of good friends, Indi, Jen, Fear, Da Feral, Brittskee, NinjAngel, Magic Marther. There were more people I met, but I’m not going to go on and on with a list, just some people you all may know. Oh, look! Here’s a picture of them!

So, I flew in on Tuesday, was greeted at the air B&B by my friends and we spent the night blabbing. Most of the week was spent going different places and trying the cuisine. Friday the convention started and I got there in the afternoon. It was great because there was NO LINE. I expected there to be insanely long security lines, but I literally just walked up to the guy and he let me in. The convention center was a big place, which is to be expected for a video game con. The attendance was at least 50 thousand that first day and it was as least double that on Saturday.

Saturday was also fun as I met up with some friends and we tried out the latest and greatest board games the convention had to offer! Let me tell you, flying hundreds of miles to meet up with friends to try some board games, is actually worth your time!

One of my all-time FAV games is The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and I always wanted to learn how to play the Ocarina, inspired by that game. So while I was at the con I found this Ocarina vendor and I took the opportunity to pick up this beauty!
I have practiced with it some, but I’m not sure how good I am. The booklet says you sound better than you think you do, but I’m not sure how much I’m buying that nonsense!

The featured image is of some cos-players I found. The first is Star Guardian Syndra and the second is Rakan, both from league of Legends.

And just for good measure, here’s me eating burgers at the con!

That was my January! Full of fun! After I got back, I kind of wished I was still in San Antonio because I enjoyed hanging out with everyone. But alas, vacations have to end!

That said, last month I hinted at there being 2-3 releases this year. The first I’m releasing in March! After the release I will also do a full Vlog, so be ready! After I released Eternal Reign, there was one issue I thought that didn’t get tied up properly, so this will just be a small project tying the end. I’ll obviously let everyone know when this is releasing when the time comes. I try to do most of my releases close to the 15th which would be a Sunday. So theoretically anytime between the 12th and 19th.

Everything else is, I know it’s early, on schedule. Hopefully this will be a good year for
J. A. Clark! Until March, HAVE A GREAT MONTH!


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A New Year!

Well, it’s a new year, and that means… Well, it means very little actually because it’s just strung together like all the other days were!  ~ Magic 8 Ball, is Jaycee the most handsome and most wise? *Absolutely, yes!*

But for many, New Years comes with expectations and hope and resolutions? Someone asked me what my resolution is going to be. My answer? To be more gorgeous than I was the previous year! So far, RIGHT ON TRACK! That said, I hope you will all be able to achieve your goals for the year and I hope that happiness will be prevalent in your life!

As for J. A. Clark this year, I want to have at least two or maybe three releases. One of them will be a very small one. The main will be set for November, the third book in the Sorcerer’s Order series. I’ve finished a couple chapters already so, as of now, I’m ahead of schedule. The other two? I’ll just let you be surprised.

Other than that, I really have very little to say to open 2020. I have another vacation coming up in about a week and a half, going to San Antonio and will be meeting many of you. I’m really excited to hang out with everyone AND… on top of that… I promised some of you free books! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget.

I hope when I return for my Feb blog, on top of having more substance to actually do a blog, I can regale you with tales of all the silly things my friends have done. I’ll also include some pictures, at least one, of what went on. It’s rare that I actually go places or do anything, especially with friends. At the old age of 33, who has time for fun and adventure? NOT ME! But that said, I do like to travel. I guess that’s the trade off. Take big trips once or twice a year and the rest of the year is sitting on your couch writing horror books! But, if we’re being honest with ourselves, I love it this way!

That’s going to be all for me today. Like I said, sorry for the lack of substance this month, just not much to get into right now. Next month should be filled with goodness! You’ll be stuffed like a turkey at Thanksgiving! Have a great 2020, everyone!

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Christmas? What is this?

The title is a small ode to one of my favorite TV shows, Star Trek Deep Space 9. It’s a pretty obscure reference, but it’s my favorite and I like to use it when I’m being funny. Or to some of you, maybe not funny at all. lol BTW, this is going to be super informal.

So, in all my time doing my blogs, I’ve always looked for a way to make them a little more personal. The problem comes in where… I actually have very little to talk about. My life on the daily is somewhat dull. You may say, “But you’re a writer! Your life must be full of adventure!” Well, if that was your line of thought you are severely mistaken! LUL (Twitch users know what this means!) On the monthly, I drive MAYBE 5 miles in total, depending what errand it is I need to accomplish. And on those errands? Well, the most exciting thing I do is finding out what items I get from the Pokestops.

But it’s Christmas and this has been an interesting month. I celebrated my one-year on Twitch. And I have to say I’ve got some pretty awesome and supportive friends. That being said, they’re all online friends, which is totally fine because that’s where I spend most of my time; cruising the invisible road of these interwebz.

Most everyone who knows me knows I don’t celebrate Christmas or holidays in general. I celebrate the Olympics and to a lesser extent, NHL free agency. So when one of these friends tries to send me a gift, I say “Don’t send me anything or I’ll hate you”. Seriously, Carly… Don’t send me anything… Well, one of these friends, Mizz Desert Darlin’ has insisted she buy me gifts… I told her I’d hate her forever, but she refuses to listen. I think it just made her more determined because she keeps sending me stuff!

Normally, this wouldn’t be something I’d write about in a blog, but she did something sort of awesome. I’m one of those people who loves the dark and likes the night. Sunshine and mornings? BANISH THEM FROM THE KINGDOM! But, I digress 😦  So, I’ve been wanting a new keyboard. But not just any REGULAR keyboard. I need one where the keys light up so I can do the clickity clack in the dark. And low-and-behold, one night a new keyboard shows up at my door. The keyboard lights up and so does the under panel, and it has this very aesthetically pleasing blue color that’s going to remain on lock! This blog, BTW, is the first thing I’ve ever typed on this new keyboard. So far, I’m really liking it. Thank you, Darlin’, for the great gift! This will make night typing an enjoyable experience! lol

Contrary to the title, I DO actually know what Christmas is. A time for joy and giving, and in general grossness… I know there will be a lot of people travelling for the season and I wish you all safe travels and joyous occasions. I hope you and your families are well. I hope you give the perfect gifts and receive them even perfecter!

Perfecter ~ Noun ~ a skilled worker who perfects something.

Is the usage wrong? Yep. Did I use the word in a made-up fashion? ALSO YEP! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Eternal Reign is Here!

Sooooo, Eternal Reign released a few weeks ago and I have to say it turned out wonderfully. Well, I’m prolly bias! I spent many hours a day every day within that last month trying to get everything settled, and even then I wasn’t entirely sure I’d get it all done on time. But I did! And thanks to you all, I set a one-week personal record for sales! I’m very appreciative of the support!

So, I set my deadline for October 21st, which is a sort of special day, it is what would have been my grandpa’s birthday. To be sure I made the deadline with the proper publication, I decided ahead of time I would start the uploading process at midnight 01, and Darlin’ can vouch me, I stressed about it for two days beforehand!

There are ton of people I need to thank for helping me get the book published. All of my patrons, Indi, HEkK, Da Feral, TJ, and anon. My fantastic editor for this book, Zannara! Thanks to my proof reader, Lindsay, and Heather for the Word subscription! And also thanks to my best friends of EVER, Darlin’, Dezi, and Jessica!

The original plan was for the book to be about 40K words as that was the word count of the first one. But as I wrote, and wrote… AND WROTE SOME MORE… it came out to about 53K words, which was nice, but it set me a little behind the 8-ball. Originally, I wanted this to be the last installment of the series, but as I wrote (and thought further about) the story, I realized the ends haven’t been tied yet. Therefore, there will be one more small release early spring to clean the series up. It won’t be any more than a $.99 e-book, but it will bring answers to the questions. Any of you who read the book will understand why there needs to be answers!

Actually, I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I could be looking at as many as 3 releases next year. Don’t hold me to it as I haven’t yet decided, but it is at least on my mind. And those of you who are patrons will be able to create a character for my new Sorcerer’s Order book. I’ll let you know when that becomes available!

Other than that, I think I’m taking most the rest of the year off! So work won’t start until Jan again. After you all send me Christmas gifts of Reese’s and more Reese’s. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and I hope you all spends LOADS of money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! See you all next month!

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